In the medieval culture, a bard was a professional story teller, with music and a little of charisma, he told some history and tales, based in your imagination or a real story a little overstated.

The most know bard song in the nowadays is “Blind Guardian – The Bard’s Song”, of The Hobbit film.

The songs became popular in the whole world, when the band was founded in 90′, it started making a power-metal songs, until it make the best music (my opinion) Bard’s Song. The music made so much success, because The hobbit film, and it’s make that this songs and other they made, became the best band about that style of music.


That’s the video about the my favorite song of Blind Guardian, and the best part is:

In my thoughts and in my dreams
They’re always in my mind
These songs of hobbits, dwarfs and men
And elves
Come close your eyes
You can see them too

Alright, this and everything related about medieval songs and bards songs, is my favorite style of music. Because this that my favorite game is The Elder Scrolls V :  Skyrim, i have most than 3.500 hours of gaming , half of this was listening songs in the tavern.